With the advent of iRule, users can now enjoy controlling Android, iOS and many other devices using a remote control.

Here are 5 key features of the iRule technology that you should definitely know about:

  • Control over your devices

iRule is a powerful and game-changing feature of BIG-IP devices which allows users to manage, manipulate, and control any IP application traffic.

This cloud-based revolutionary invention allows users to also have the capability of building and editing their own interface through the iRule website which is called The iRule Builder.

iRule uses your wifi connection to control your devices. Aside from smart phones, iRule also has the technology to control appliances such as TV or home theater, video and audio players including stereo and sound systems, other home devices such as lights, drapes, fireplaces, air conditioning units and thermostats. iRule really is a universal remote control.

  • The app is free to download

Everyone can have access to this breakthrough technology and everyone can freely explore the wonders it brings. Many tech-savvy individuals are now writing or blogging their own reviews on this app. It gets mostly positive feedback for its easy to use controls and modifiable interface.

  • About the development of iRule

iRule was developed by a group of young talented individuals based in Detroit, Michigan. It was first released in 2009 and major improvements have been made over the years. Since 2016, the company has been operating as a subsidiary of Kramer Electronics, USA.

To date, the app has a size of 41 MB and has been downloaded for more than 50,000 times on Play Store. Developers regularly update the app to fix bugs, glitches and other issues. Nothing major though.

So far, iRule gathers mostly positive feedback from users based on reviews seen on Play Store.

Get the iRule app now and see for yourself the amazing convenience it can give you in your everyday life.

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